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Saint Lucia Red Cross


We are a voluntary humanitarian organization, auxiliary to the Government of St Lucia.  


Helping, loving, caring, giving …..  The Saint Lucia Red Cross is there for all in times of need. Through our network of volunteers around the island we bring relief in times of crisis and provide care on the basis of needs.   We promote health and disaster risk reduction through training and education. 

While helping the Government in its humanitarian services and obeying the laws of St Lucia, we maintain our independence to carry out our mandate as set out by the 7 Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross.  We are solely responsible for our development, programs, administration and all community outreach services undertaken in St Lucia.

Our vision

"To be the leading humanitarian organisation in St Lucia alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable."

Our Structure

The General Assembly represents the Society as a whole and is the highest policy making body.  The General Assembly along with the Central and Executive Committee governs the affairs of the Society.  The Executive Committee is responsible for the business and management of the affairs of the Society.


The Executive Committee is chaired by President, Hubert Pierre.  

The Director General is the full-time senior manager of the organisation. The post is held by Terencia Gaillard.

Hubert Pierre


Terencia Gaillard

Director General

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